coaching service offered by non-competitive coach scarlett

Scarlett is an IFBB figure competitor with a background in powerlifting and strength training. Scarlett works with non-competitive clients to make positive changes to their health and well-being. Having started her fitness journey as a lifestyle client, she understands what it takes to bring out the best version of you through training, nutrition and mindset. She is here to provide the support and tools to help you reach your goals and beyond.
Enquire below to join Scarlett's team.
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Cost is £150 per month paid via GoCardless, PayPal or Bank Transfer with a £50 set up fee. There will be no extra charges throughout. We can justify our prices as you are not a number on our books you are a part of our team and we will work closely and personally on your journey with you.


  • Ran by non-competitive coach Scarlett (Overseen by Head Coach Meg)
  • Support via WhatsApp
  • Weekly check ins completed via an extensive form to gather data to support with current goals.
  • Changes when needed depending on your response – within check ins and/or when we communicate.
  • A full training & nutrition program (overseen by head coaches Kuba/Meg)
  • Full support throughout your current goals – growing phases, dieting phases (photoshoots, holidays weddings etc), helping to build a better food relationship or understanding nutrition/training.
  • We will ALWAYS answer your message by the end of the day without fail unless there is an emergency on our end.
  • Access to the private client content site with over 200 educational videos covering all bases – from lifestyle, to training education, to nutrition guidance etc.
  • Access to the workout library (demonstrations and descriptions on how exercises should be completed – 90+ videos within this) – link will be via the private section of my website that you will get access to.
  • Non-competitive support – on how to help plan your day or any further support you need away from the gym/bodybuilding.


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